When it comes to the actual system of Magick we operate the Mystery School; that attributes the True Universal Tree of Life; it is still unknown to most that 99.9% of the systems of Magick that have manifested in our world are limited and twisted by lesser forces you know not of; many hold an assumption they have arrived; but with what this depicts; it is the complete Multi-Universal system of what is and which brings multiple Blue Prints into one entire holistic Universal System on a Multidimensional level to the 3 Spirals of Creation; This will be fully revealed when it comes to the lVL3 Apprentice Thaumaturge Initiation into the Mystery School; and is a system of Magick that certain forces do not Humans access to otherwise; this is revealed to stake our claim in this world which hails the true legacy of the Ancestors and is a major part of the Birthright of Mankind..,






The Power of the Blue Flame is REAL;  as to the Universal Laws of Metaphysics and Eternal Axioms Occult Arts and Sciences and Teaching applied with the Mystery School; this organically brings forth the Gold of Consciousness itself ; and as to it’s physical Alchemical manifestation; an Ultra Ancient Elixir to Practical Magick that consists the Highest Quality Liquid Gold on the entire Earth; this assists the integration process of Initiation and states in the Mythos; the Nectar would manifest to the procession of the grand cycle; we are the first to release this in the ENTIRE world; this Recipe is of the True Legacy of Kemet and exists again now since what happened did; it was most necessary to bring this forth and make it public; we hail forth the spirit of the Military General of the Human Heart; unto the Birthright of Mankind:> THE NECTAR OF ATHANASIA

Almost all Mono-atomic Gold and Ormus on the market use chlorides and acids and stoves to melt and Liquefy their Gold into a goo white powder form and then mix it with other substances; this is MFKZT; which steels the actual essence and light code codex of the Gold itself and leaves debris of poisons and neuro-toxins within this powder to be mixed with other substance which destroys the system to pseudo effects that don't last and has lead many into addiction like a drug; the objective with our recipe has quite literally solved the problem of AEONS in PURE LIQUID FORM; and to all of this with the Magick and Science and Power of the Blue Flame itself; Practical Magick wielded with HARD Science which refines our Gold with the Power of Photon Lightening Technology; The Thunar; held to the Blue Flame within Purified Water which Produces the trillion parts per-million sub-atomic nanoparticles of 100% pure Gold that suspended within the Liquid which thus leaves the Gold completely in Nanoparticles; THIS IS 100% PURE; The Effects of the “Nectar of Athanasia” include; Heart Core to High Heart Core Ignitions and Codex Activation; Higher Consciousness Integration; Superluminal IQ Increase; Super Positional IQ Increase; Multidimensional IQ Increase to all Gold Super Conductors Powered by the Neurons themselves; Activations in terms of Clairvoyance; Quantum Coherence; Telepathy; It kills the Old Ones that has been put into the Needle Craft and is our Strike against it; you will get Premonitions and Psychic Clarity; Superfluid Behavior; Improved Mental Clarity and Acuity; Improved Eye Sight; this Corrects Body and Brain Dysfunction; Enhances Creativity; Action to Manifestation; Increases your Actual Power in terms of Magick; It Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination; Heals Glandular Dysfunction; Heals ALL Cell Structures; Heals ALL RNA and DNA Script Codex; Improves Libido; Aids greatly in Relaxation and Focus; Heals All Hormonal Imbalances; Heals Arthritis and Joint Inflammation; Hypertension; High Blood Pressure and Muscle Tension; Heals the Organs and Nervous System; Arrhythmia; Obesity; Digestive Disorders which are all among many many other things that the Nectar of Athanasia is capable of depending on the Individual; and as one of the most potent factors it brings one into Anti-Aging itself and Physical Strength to your System; Physically; Mentally; Emotionally and Spiritually; this is the REAL here in terms of what Athanasia means; Immortality; and with records also to increased performance with all Athletic potentials and Weight Training; Martial Arts; ETC; there is Improved Reaction Time; Increased Physical Power; Improved Muscle Repair to enhanced Muscle Memory and Muscle Stamina; ignited the Blood and Bones to the Mitochondria; all of this to some of what the Nectar is capable of in context to the Magick of Alchemy; ETC..,


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The Nectar is administered with a spray under the tongue which goes directly into the blood stream blood code codex; held into the bloodstream; there is no limit to how much you can take; and the more gold you have in your system the more incorruptible your physical body will become; nanoparticles are microscopic nano-meter sized particles; and to know; nanometers are a billionth of a meter and would take some of the highest powered microscopes on Earth to even see; during the process; the gold concentration techniques also applied change the color of the water into many spectrums to the Bifrost Quantum Bridge Systems to the 3 Spirals of Creation systematically connecting you directly within the Golden White Light Fields themselves on a multidimensional quantum level; upon consumption this is fused within every part of the bodies cell structures and mitochondria within all spectrums of the Prima Materia; Primes you to the Alchemical Rights of Initiation and is the Absolute Highest Quality of 100% Pure Gold Liquid Gold that exists on Earth; let alone the Cosmos; this is to the Original Recipe of the Ancients in terms of the Magi Grail Shaman and is to the proper knowledge in wisdom of Humanities pre-fall timeline trajectory in context to the Ancient Future; we Hail The Military General of the Human Heart Himself; and it is LEGACY to which we have Hailed this as portion to the New Mythos Created which has manifested; and is part of OUR Eternal Birthright..,


The Nectar of Athanasia=$340/plus shipping PER60ML for those who have not been initiated..,

The Nectar of Athanasia=$170/plus shipping PER60ML with the 50% off discount in continence for those who have been Initiated..,

You will be sent as much ML; PER60ML/2OZ bottle to volume; of the Nectar of Athanasia that is ordered..,

FULL LITERS=1000ML are available at rate PER60ML in terms

Again; there is no limit as to how much is to be taken; and is to spray it under the tongue at least 10 to 20 sprays held under the tongue for at least 2 to 5 minutes before you swallow each time it is administered; all of this is real; we own the grimor; we own the hard alchemical science; it is 100% pure; results are 100% guaranteed; I attest to all of this and an oath of honor in truth to my personal experience and testimony with it and also to the testimony of everyone who has got this themselves..,



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Thunder God Root vine: Tripterygium wilfordii grows in southeast China; its extract is used in traditional Chinese Holistic medicine; this fine highly extracted botanical powder is all comprised of 29 all natural; carefully selected herbs which are refined using a renowned water based extraction process; this is meant to destroy Myo and Sprio (ouroboros) Plasmas; it contains:> Tripterygium Wilfordii; Artemisia Absinthium; Mullein; Wasabi; Oregano; Clove; Thyme; Magnolia; Berberin; Milk Thistle; White Acrylodes; Tangerine Peal; Japanese Dogwood; Weeping Willow; Neem; Fern; Lavendar; Horsetail; Sweet Lime Peal; Honeysuckle; Cabin Patchuli; Rhizoma Acori Tartinowll; Forsthai; Ivy; Red Date; Racis Aaposhnikoviae; Giant Bamboo; Manjistha and Astragalus:> starting with 1/4 teaspoon in smoothies; increased to 1 teaspoon per serving (4x per day) at least 2 hours before bedtime..,



Earth Fae Magic Apothecary offers a wide variety of natural and organic herbal products; there are bulk varieties of herbs made available; full apothecary kits; capsules; salves; extracts; tinctures; ritual body oils; and sprays; these items are not a quick fix but will assist you in healing yourself in terms of the real great work; all items is handcrafted with balanced energetic intention from the highest quality to their ingredients and with materials to provide environmentally socially responsible products; everything is alcohol free, chemical free, pesticide free, toxin free; this is a lifestyle for Christa who started Earth Fe Magic Apothecary; and are here to promote her works so that you can get access to them here; click the picture; Use code: BLUE FLAME and get your discount now !!!


The Serpent has forever been an Esoteric Symbol of Wisdom the Aeons; it is to note here also that the Serpent of Wisdom dose not have the "reptilian slit" within it's eye; but to the Circle; and symbol to the First Eye of the Human Heart Ignited the Gates of True Intelligence; the Serpent in general holds many indiscretions by those that are ignorant of these things; the programming of religion and general fears have exploited this for far too long; and with the Mystery School; we take things back to the law of first mentions and have made the correction in terms of all of this; It's as with the Egg of the White Dragon revealed on the front to the Psychosomatic Northern Soul Complex with teaching on Black Earth Productions; everything makes this design something to behold and promote once learned on the levels of proper knowledge in Wisdom..,



When it comes to Star Core Sequence Ignitions of our geomagnetic templating geometries that reveal themselves; access to the 7th Gate is the most important factor in terms of Bridging worlds and universes with the true the Occult Arts and Sciences; As Above; So Below; As Within; As Without; The Star of the Alfar is a Symbol and reminder of this; even as it is with the Ancestors at present; the Alfar stand at the edge of reality before the gates of Eternity in order to anchor the alignment into reality on a multidimensional level to the First Spiral of Creation; the 7th Gate Access point is to the relation of ourselves; as with others and Nature on a Multidimensional Level; this is a mark of the Ancestors awakening and is designed to acknowledge also the Spine of Initiation to Symbolism when it comes to it's 3 levels with the Mystery School..,


coming in the future


The Serpent has forever been an Esoteric Symbol of Wisdom the Aeons; it is to note here also that the Serpent of Wisdom dose not have the "reptilian slit" within it's eye; but to the Circle; and symbol to the First Eye of the Human Heart Ignited the Gates of True Intelligence; the Serpent in general holds many indiscretions by those that are ignorant of these things; the programming of religion and general fears have exploited this for far too long; and with the Mystery School; we take things back to the law of first mentions and have made the correction in terms of all of this; everything makes this design something to behold and promote once learned on the levels of proper knowledge in Wisdom; this is a taste of what is to come here with the Black Earth Productions Merch Line; something that has finally started to come to pass after all these years now..,



The Wolf Shield of the Ulfhednar is to the LVL2 Adept with the Mystery School; the Wisdom and Spirit and Power of the Wolf revealed through Tyr; the only one brave enough to raise Fenrir paid a major sacrifice unto himself before the great war of the gods unfolded; and as the battles have continued in all worlds and universes; this for those who become Ulfhednar in our world who will come to know the great secrets of the original Sigil of the Great North when it comes to Albion; the Symbol of the Wolf was always and forever will be the Sigil of Truth in terms of Veras Straga <:VS:> the Father of All Wolves and the Higher Force; the true guide of Scales to the 13th Gate Access Point to Templating; <:VS:> reminds us of what we are fighting for as Men and Women in this realm with Cosmic Law and corrections that have been made to this with the Mystery School..,


When it comes to the Fire Letter Codex of the Ancestors; the Mystery of the Runes is something that has been speculated upon for Centuries; their actual origin; etc; It's clear with what has been revealed that the Runes are not to be trifled with let alone the power of them when evoked in terms of toning to Gladr and what one taps into with them when in comes to true Magick; the front of this Hood reveals the Star Core Sequence which they are all revealed and are contained therein; even as Odin Sacrificed his eye for the wisdom of them; this is a reminder that the template of our people is Igniting not only the remembering of who we are; but hails the White Dragon Prophecy of the Ancestors to our Present hour; The 3 Spirals of Creation the White Dragon Codex permeates everything on a multidimensional level and is Anchored in terms of our reality unto the Ancient Future -2160-


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