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A 2 part payment plan option is available for LVL2 Adept Ulfhéðnar Training




-Keepers of the Sacred Tree-

I stand to office and hold practice as a Metaphysical Transformational Psychologist; I am a Bloodline Magi Grail Shaman-Magician to my position in service to Truth and was marked to this before Incarnation in this life to my Linage and Bloodlines; the quest to remember what was required to my position took me at a very early age in this life and things that are revealed with this platform let alone the Mystery School are from direct experience and are for those to whom it's meant; the problem with everything I've experienced in terms of what I teach at ground level is that individuals who DO NOT know who they are or where they are going are conditioned to assume that they know the difference when it comes to reality let alone how things actually work in terms of Life; Nature and Universe; the term OCCULT means Hidden Knowledge; and in terms of the Occult; the proper knowledge and wisdom revealed itself is incalculable to the results that manifest for those that take the Quest of the Real Great work; evidence otherwise to all of this across the board within the aggregate produce ignorant individuals that are bias to a pre-programmed condition with perception about these things let alone a process to action that is in alignment with who they really are; more often then not they are pretentious and indifferent with their actual claims about reality let alone what is assumed about myself and what all of this even is with the Mystery School; we are nothing to with either the right hand or left hand path currents as well as individuals who's lives clearly do not exemplify an power in Action to actual Truth and right education in terms of proper knowledge in wisdom; humanity has been kept from these things on purpose to perpetuate the slavery that they themselves and others all across the world align to the grid-works of the ultimate Evil and are unwitted otherwise; all of this goes very deep but even more powerful is what we are truly capable of; and regardless of however it may seem on the surface; this is one of the root issues to the problem of the current human condition in terms of willful ignorance to Evil in denial of denial is when it comes to the justification of the disassociation from their very souls and the indifferent states of mind this causes; most live in the realm of effects to this and if you are someone who at the very least can observe what I've said here; then your in the right place; with our Services; you will inevitably come to KNOW THYSELF and how things actually work in terms of the Life on levels beyond any set limitations and you will come to know the Universal Laws of Metaphysics and the Eternal Axioms and thus further as you progress come to a place of mastering yourself and your life in ways I cannot fully say; your existence has value; it has meaning and to truly discover your destiny in purpose here on Earth regardless of any circumstance; the Occult Arts and Sciences revealed here are priceless beyond measure; again; this is for those to whom it is meant; we did not incarnate to be slaves here in this world let alone came to simply attempt an escape from reality and existence in denial; we came here to Master Life and to create and discover who we are and in so with more and more Individuals that take the quest of actual incarnation; doing so will lead all of us to witness the downfall of the ultimate evil in this world; and all of the Arts and Sciences I teach dive extremely deep into exactly what you will personally need to work with in order to truly access what's already there within you in terms of Templating as an Individual; and that which has truly been made Occult and is the true Occult knowledge that our Enemy dose not want us to access and is for the purpose of probing and exploring even deeper when it comes to the wisdom of what all of these things reveal to and Individual; Full Rights Initiation into the Blue Flame Healing Arts and Occult Science is Mandatory before I will ever teach the Art and Science of Magick on the Level that has been revealed to me with more Advanced Initiations when it comes to the High Magick of the True Universal Tree of Life to protocol; and when it comes to my personal Path-Work which has been unfolding for over the last 44 years now has brought me to the places that I am in life; the things I can share with you to my experience are astronomical; you will have your own to reveal; and to hold the position that been bestowed in Honor speaking with 1000's all across the world for years now; held Accountable by the Ancestors; the Higher Force; and my Inner Circle; steps needed to be taken with individuals who are in trajectory may potentially receive up to double portion when it comes to true Shamanic Initiation; but in order for the evidence of manifestation to unfold with the Individual; Initiation into the actual Occult is Absolutely necessary on all levels it reveals; this is what I advocate and this wisdom began Aeons ago with my Ancestors let alone to all races; tribes and cultures to the ORIGINAL Animist Traditions; this is part of what I am here to not only unfold taking things to great reminder of this; but is something I live and experience myself every single day to my personal path-work trajectory; here; you will discover what that actually is for yourself as I also have been sanctioned to protect the integrity of what all of this actually represents in terms of the Original teaching and as we move to the next levels of Awareness and Expansion of our Evolving Consciousness capacity; we are here to bring things back onto the Original Timeline trajectory in terms of the Ancient Future; generation to generation..,



Full Rights Initiation:


includes the 20% off Discount for Tuition And 3 Part Payment Option Available: $500 down to get started:> TOTAL Value=$2,160..,

1. Starting with Protocol Teaching this then moves Systematically into the Art and Science oF Metaphysical Astro-Psychology and Numerology; and further to take this First phase of the Initiation into The Art of Planetary High Magick..,

2. Initiation into Tarot MAGICK and Reading:> Here is when I will look into the most current energies that are in your field and will also teach you the specific modality to via: Eso-Tarotology in context to Tarot Magick that positions an Individual to the bridging stages of learning how to master Magick and correlate the other Arts and Sciences with the Archtypes of Human Conciousness; here I work with the Norns in terms of my personal Codex along with the Tarot as a guide of Wisdom to gain more insight into what you want to aquire the Fates; let alone reveals what you have personally been weaving with the Spindle of WYRD weather knowing or unwitted; I hold a 100% success rate in terms of readings; all of this will include our method and teaching in how to properly approach and work with Tarot as well and will further teach you how to pull things into alignment from within yourself and personal path-work progression in manifestation in terms of the True Magickal Path via: The Alchemcial Rights of Initiation; things in context to Alter Magick and Talismanic Magick; all of what I will reveal gets into a specific method that the Tarot showed me itself that you will not find in any other publication; it is very specific and very different than anything else out there; this will take you further and deeper into what the True Great Work is and what it's really all about; the path of Wisdom; the Path of ODIN in context..,

3. Initiation into the Magick of Alchemy; the higher occult sciences:>  This is what the true essence of the Blue Flame Healing Arts and Occult Science is really all about and is where I will take you into what is beyond the gates of the Black Earth; show you how to navigate the grid-works of our reality in terms of your personal template on a multi-dimensional level which will then bridge the 1st Spiral of Creation in terms of the Solar Spiral of Creation with the 2nd in terms of the Galactic Spirals of Creation; here is where we will get into the process integration teaching of how to access your own true soul code genetic signature frequency of consciousnesses into the Art and Science of Magick to Alchemy; the first lessons to the Full Rights Initiation will get specifically into the system mechanics of gnosis (Know Thyself) the 3rd lesson here then gets much deep into the system mechanics of the true bio-spiritual re-genesis; and with all of this; I will also give you full access to others systems of gnosis (Know Thyself) to explore along with what you will receive in context to Focused Material to your Path-work integration and Progression into the Mystery School so that what is held within your core essence can truly be accessed within the inner Knowing First before you will EVER get access to the True that gateway into the True Universal Tree of Life and System of Magick that is practiced at the highest levels with our Mystery School; you must FIRST come to truly know thyself and take the Quest of the Alchemical Rights of Initiation to Prove you are able and accountable to wield magick in terms of your actual templating; you will be tested; and all in order to manifest in your existence the expansion of all of this and pull the alignment of your actual purpose and destiny in terms of Incarnation into the Earth..,

Added now with Initiation into the Magick of Alchemy; the Higher Occult Sciences is one bottle; 60ML of the Nectar of Athanasia; in terms of Tuition and after the Initiation Sessions you will also receive a continued 50% off discount in terms of your credentials with the Mystery School for further purchases of the Nectar of Athanasia to your Apprenticeship; more is explained on our Products Page about what this is; we are the only ones of the face of the Earth that have this and we are the FIRST ones to release it into the Reality field in OUR TIME; this is a major mark in terms of the Legacy of what this Mystery School actually Represents; and the out pour of what will taught during this phase of initiation will also greatly depend on previous levels of experience and insight and or practice when it comes to the occult arts and sciences in context to Alchemy both Practically and Spirituality speaking; This matters not weather or not you are just starting your path-work; are an intermediate student; are an advanced student; or are seeking to fully obtain the level of true mastery; when it comes to the Master Level of what is practiced with the Mystery School; The Process System Mechanics of the Higher Occult Sciences take everything back to the Original Teaching; and is where one can only every to truly begin to Access True Soul Code Genetics of the Bio-Spiritual Re: genesis via the Alchemical Rights of Initiation

and can only take place after the Initiation process has reached a certain levels with the individual in terms of the 1st and 2nd and 3rd phases of teaching to the Initiation; all of this though will give you access potentially to what has not been present in our reality field for literally over 40,000 to at least 300,000 years; then potentially (depending on templating) recall and access to even further back to literally over 550,000,000 years in it's absolute pure essence when it comes to the Blue Flame and Staff of Amenti itself; NOW on Earth; one must inner-stand that the past present and future are all happen simultaneously and will be what is necessary in the progression of all of this for what is coming upon the Earth in our present hour; this is my Honor and Mission to my Cosmic and Celestial Bloodline-Blood Code Heritage and Mission and Inherent Eternal Birthright to my Position with the Mystery School; you here will discover who you truly are and what you are here to unfold as an Individual when it comes to your personal Blood Code to Soul Code Genetics in Consciousness; and you WILL change and transform into who you always were and meant to be in this world; if that is you; and you are ready; then I will be speaking with you soon..,

4. Full Access to the Black Earth Library:>  every legitimate school needs an actual library; here is where you get Full Access to  6 Terabytes  within the Black Earth Library with material that has been released that you are not going to find anywhere else complied like this for you in terms of actual reference; research and study; this is unlike any other Occult Library on Earth; and it's to say again; every Legitimate School needs an actual Library to students and all of this is able to be accessed in terms of a personal account that you will be able to setup to get Full Access; this entails literally Hundreds of THOUSANDS of RARE OCCULT books and videos; also alot that is actually out of print in the public sector and much that has been entrusted in terms of the Black Earth Productions Platform and the Mystery School; and with this addition to the Full Rights Initiation; you are a lifetime member of the Black Earth Library once your Credentials are confirmed by Administration; not only will you receive Full Access to this Interface; but you will also be lined out with all of the Extremely Personal Focused Material to your personal Templating when it comes to your Path-Work Initiations after the Initiation Lessons have been taken; you will also afterwards be eligible for Follow up Sessions=$85 an Hour so as to have an open floor or to inquire deeper in terms of anything that will be covered during your Initiation Session and in terms of Council in general; you will be credited with 5 Hours of Follow Up Session Time with the Full Rights Initiation; all Sessions are Audio Recorded; are 100% confidential and private and Archived with the Mystery School so that our Initiates will also have that in reference with the Focused Study Material moving forward with the LVL1 Apprenticeship; application in action with these arts and sciences to self actualized progression and will teach you how to actually Navigate your life and consciousness on levels you can only imagine yet still; everything that is in the Black Earth Library starts first in terms of Protocol Teaching and is also to our Disclaimer with the Mystery School with the Black Earth Library..,



This is the Second Level of Initiation into the Mystery School in terms of becoming an Adept; these will come forth chosen from among your peers to advance to the level of Úlfhéðnar and learn how to Master the Art and Science of Hyper-Dimensional Warfare; Battle Magick and what it means to be ULFHEDNAR; this will potentially be identified at any stage of progression and will be encouraged in terms of your Initiations; We operate in terms of the Ancient Protocol; and from there individuals are developed accordingly in terms and will be Acquired for Power in Physical Strength; and Martial Assassination Arts..,


This Services is only Optional for those that have taken the Full Rights Initiation; This Proper Knowledge in Wisdom will reveal the ability in terms of Templating to overcome any adversity on a multidimensional level in context to Magick; let alone Physical Combat; This Proper Knowledge in Wisdom will reveal the Ability in Terms of Templating to Overcome Any Adversity on a Multidimensional Level in context to Magick let alone Physical Combat; they are those that have "survived the wilderness" having to deal with "extreme temperatures" and "very harsh circumstances" for the live in the manner of THE WOLF and are forever learning it's ways as this will bring you into Úlfhéðinn Shamanic Warrior Initiations; the Úlfhéðnar are in League with the Berserkir in skill and power next to everything else in context to the Berserkir; even though the Berserkir are "spiritual special forces" so to speak as well; Úlfhéðnar serve a different position in power and execution in terms of being Astral Assasians; The Úlfhéðnar are are Óðinn's most Advanced and Skilled Warriors both Physically in Midgard and throughout the 9 "worlds" of Yggdrasil via: the Spindle of the True Universal Tree of Life; they come into direct connection with Thunar-Thor; who is the Essence of Life Force Energy; The Úlfhéðnar are forged forthwith the Athanor from Fire and Iron and OATH..,

This Comes with 2 Bottles 120ML of the Nectar of Athanasia (50% off in terms of Credentials) included to assist developing the underlying potential that More Men (and women) in our Reality Field need to access from within themselves; you must know that you have what it takes to be this in access to the Raw Power of the Mjölnir; and it's "dormant" Úlfhéðnar who will be activated in terms of Initiation into the Mystery School if you are that; we would have normally been selected by the Ancient Wisdom Councils in Ancient Times very early in life during the first phases of training and development let alone by the Higher Force it'self; Those that are potential Úlfhéðnar have been through let alone are put far more shit then again I can say all at once; but ultimatly they are being prepared for specific warrior positions on the Front Lines of the True War and are cosmic special forces here on ground level in service to Truth and the Highest Order on Earth; the Úlfhéðnar are capable of performing feats far beyond the abilities of others and have the ability to go into Very Highest States of Consciousness which can only be Achieved with the Practice of Seidr and Galdr worked in tandem alignment with the Universal Laws of Metaphysics; this training will also move you into more Advanced Practice in Magick in context to RITUAL when it comes to the Higher Occult Sciences; the State of Mind that is achieved with the Úlfhéðnar is called via: HAMRAMMIR and can only be wielded by those that are the most disciplined with the Mystery School and are in the consistent process of self mastery to Protocol Teaching; Focused Material; having experienced the Alchemical Rights of Initiation and will move into a more Advanced Process to the Alchemcial Rights of Initiation into actual Shamanic Initiations; this will forever be in Direct alignment with the Blue Flame Healing Arts and Occult Science and Protocol of the Ancient Ancestors; and no one is worth of the Front lines (which is extremely dangerous otherwise) unless they are Proven they can overcome and survive what it takes to be a True Spiritual Warrior here on Earth in service to Truth; By Blood and By Oath; We Live by the Code of what it means to be ULFHEDNAR..,



Follow Up Sessions and Training: $85

This is the Hourly Rate for follow up sessions and Training with those who have come into First Level Apprentice and Second Level Adept in terms of Initiation into the Mystery School; this is made available for you to have an open floor of discussion to be able to dive deeper into your questions with what will come up to your path-work trajectory and take it deeper with One to One mentorship with me directly and is for accountability and connection in terms of Tribe with the Mystery School; the Full Rights Initiation is where everything starts; with which you will receive 5 hours of credited time for follow up Sessions; and further this will always made available for those who have been Initiated into the Mystery School at any level any time..,


This Service is at a monthly rate; this is available for those who have taken at the very least the Full Rights Initiation into the Mystery School; ETC; meetings will take place 2 to 4 times a month where we will gather into a group dynamic and discuss what is currently taking place in life and bring forth solutions in terms of tribe and community; family is very important and you have one here with the Mystery School; even at a distance; this will also be how those who have been Initiated can correspond directly with myself and others; plan for physical meetups; to also coordinate events and connect the branching out of what we do into the world..,


-LVL Three Thaumaturge-





The Runes stand alone in terms of the Occult Arts; they are a Part of Cosmic Law and also correlate the others Arts and Sciences with the Mystery School to the Fire Letter Codex; with this service; much is revealed to what has manifested and why to any questions you may acquire the fates; I have a 100% success rate in terms of Readings as to take many accounts in observation; while reading; I work directly with my Codex and observe what the Fates reveal; nothing that is woven to the past cannot be unwoven in order to be rewoven and pull things in alignment; a reading here is not the same as actually working with them; it will inspire you to do so though; in the future there will be a Rune Mastery Course with Services made available for those to an Inquiry..,

Metaphysical Astro-Psycholgy Reading: $275

You will receive a Full Meatphysical Astro Psychological Reading; teaching you a specific method of approach with this Art and Science in terms of Eternal Axoms; I will dive into the specific Model that reveals what Planetary Elemental Consciousness is as to Master the First Spiral of Creation; this by far is one of the most important services to the Full Rights Initiation in terms of the Occult Arts and Sciences; let alone to with more advanced teaching with what it reveals to your personal system Machanics of Planetary High Magick..,


Metaphysical Eso-Tarot Gate Reading: $185

The Tarot is by far one of the most powerful Arts that exists in terms of actual Magick; with this reading I "Tap the Tarot" in terms of what you would acquire the Fates to the Symolisim and Archtypes of Human Conciousness; this works in alignment with the Cosmic Law of Alchemy that will take you deeper into the Essence of what the Great Work is all about in terms of bridging worlds and universes; a reading is not the same as actual path-work with the Tarot but will reveal and Inspire this; I have a 100% success rate in terms of readings; the Tarot is the Path of ODIN and cannot be Triffled with..,


This reading unveils personal Cosmic and Celestial Origins in terms of the Soul Code Codex; this is the next level to be Integrated beyond the First Spiral of Creation; the Solar Spiral to Meatphysical Astro-Psychology and will move you into the Second Spiral of Creation; the Galactic Spirals of Creation to Metaphysical Celestial Psychology; this now is included with the Full Rights Initiation into the Mystery School..,


This is calculated based upon the Moon and Sun and their correlation the first 13 Gate Access points to Metaphysical Astro-Psychology; this extends much further out; AS WITHIN with an Individuals Template within the Western and Vedic Systems of Astro-Psychology (this also includes specific asteroids) lined out with the 286 Fixed Stars within the 88 Gate Constellations with an Individuals Templating; this also includes the 36 Gate Channels within Backbone-Spine via: the Nervous System (the Wand of Fire) that align with your specific Stars pulled from the 286 Fixed Starts within the 88 Gate Constellations with the Metaphyscial Celestial Psychology to the Galactic Spirals of Creation in terms of bridging worlds and universes here on Earth; you will receive a comprehensive in depth report in terms of this reading with the Mystery School that correlates to quite literally everything else in ways that are going to blow your mind; note here that this is nothing to do with escapism into another world; realm; or dimension; the secret is that it's all happening here on Earth within us; and is a major part of what we must learn to remember and integrate back into here on Earth to Master being Human; with this; even as it is with Metaphysical Astro-Psychology to the First Spiral of Creation; you must remember that the Heavens Above are within you; this correlates the 2nd Cosmic Law of Correspondence and not just to the First Spiral of Creation; the SOL-Ar Spiral of Creation to the first 13 Gate Access points to Metaphysical Astro-Psychology; this extends much further out; AS WITHIN with an Individuals Templating in terms of all of the 88 Gate Access Points of the Galactic Spirals of Creation; and in terms of bridging worlds and universes here on Earth; we must remember even deeper who we truly are as to why we have incarnated here on earth; the reading and teaching revealed with this is going to bring things to the point of potentially coming into the Temple Rights of Initiation with the Mystery School and will prepare you in terms of Integrating the True Universal Tree of Life and the True System of Universal High Magick and the Legacy of what this Mystery School Truly Represents..,



this is for those that have experienced trauma in this life let alone lifetimes; and whether in general to life; this is also covers things in context to: MI-LAB; Secret Space Program; Super Solider; Inter-dimensional Abductee Senerios; Dark Projects; MK-Ultra; Psycho-Spiritual Ritual Abuse; attacks in terms of Dark Sorcery and abuse in all it's forms weather it's Physical; Mental; Emotional; Energetic; Audio; Visual; let alone further to attacks with AI Scalar Dark Wave Reversal Technologies..,

None of these things have any power over the Individual seeking Awareness and your Healing and Liberation are at hand; I am willing to work with you as long as your willing to work with me; and I have well over a decade of Council experience in terms of this specifically; in Session we will dive into the Concept SOUL RETRIEVAL and what that will mean for you; I assist the individual to discover for themselves the techniques in action necessary to overcome any trauma and heal through these things bringing them forward into a place of full Self Awareness and absolute and total Empowerment; realize that every cell; molecule and particle is imbued with consciousness; and consciousness is not an attribute of Mind; the Mind is an attribute of Consciousness; and Consciousness is an attribute of Energy; brain Function and it's activity works like a radar which is directed through the chemical hormonal systems to neurons and energy meridians and various energy systems within an Individuals templating to spirit and soul and all of this will assist the individual within the "delicate dance" to learn what it truly means to find harmony through art in mastery of the law cosmic law of mentalisim; nothing can be achieved otherwise if the first Cosmic Law is Mastered to Protocol..,


Note: this is to Individuals that actually have the Template in context; A major psy-op happend with the New Age Movement to offset the REAL in terms and if you don't know what that even means than this service is NOT for you and should assume that your not this if you don't know; authentic Twin Flames would know what this means otherwise let alone what the true Mission is and will be determined upon weather or not you and the other in question actually incarnated with the Original Template or not to inquiry; none of this is to trifled with; Mission would have began in childhood; is not to be taken lightly; this is Alchemy x1000X that most could ever embrace let alone integrate the Template..,


I am not into labels to this though everything must be known in context; this goes into the Occult Law of First Mentions; most of this has become ultra confusing because of the Psy-Op targeted this though the false New Age variant teaching that is designed to lead people into a trap that has given way to the phenomenon known as the "Alien Love Bite"; realize that Authentic Twin Flames are some of the most ancient Souls to have ever existed; let alone incarnated here on Earth; we have been at war with the dark ones for a very long time; they despise and fear our kind; we are those with an uncompromised template that cannot be stood against; in truth there are very very few authentic twin flames on earth; and healing to remember what this is for individuals in question must be a priory including Union itself to Mission; Primary Soul Mates are here for the same purpose but is based more upon the actual Family Unit; although the dynamic is not as intense as it is with Authentic Twin Flames; the 3rd Energy of the Higher Force is very real and I am offering this service to assist you navigating the actual experience; the waters of the "Dark Night of the Soul" cannot be bypassed in terms of templating to purge and heal the bloodlines you incarnated into; I'm here to shed some true light on the real occult knowledge which brings things into harmony and surrender; I am in Network with other Authentic Twin Flames; we are not fucking around; with this service I will dive deeper into what the BLUE FLAME consciousness actually is to the Twin Flame - Soul Mate Template which in part to do with the True Planetary Templar Star Gate codex and integration of the Power and Consciousness of the Higher Force to the Staff of AMENTI itself; As Above; So Below; As within; As without..,



The Blood Codes Reading is to actual templating and is available without without having to send your blood in for a dna test or have not activated these codes within the Blood in terms of a certain technique revealed in terms of Initiation into the Mystery School; even if you don't know where your ancestors actually come from; etc:> we have templated a practical way to read into your template and it dose not matter not if you don't know these things about yourself or have not been activated; this will indefinitely reveal what your blood codes actually are; this will also include things to past life trajectories and ancestors; this is vital in our times at what seems to be the epitome of identity crisis in the world and getting back to our true roots as Individuals let alone whole nations across the world as individuals on Earth is Key..,

The Black Earth Library: $595

Upgrades with the Black Earthly Library have finally been implemented and here is where you will get Full Access to not just the previous 40,000 books in Material increased to 6TB on the upgrade you are not going to find anywhere else; this service requires you make an account which comes free with the Interface and is unlike any other Occult Library on the face of the Earth let alone accessible online; this is literally Hundreds of THOUSANDS of RARE books in Reference to the Occult that cover all spectrums of what this means; knowledge is not going to be withheld here from those that seek it to the Disclaimer and Protocol of the Mystery School..,


every Legitimate School needs an actual Library; AGAIN; this is able to be accessed online in terms of your personal account that you will be able to setup for free in terms with this once purchased to setup; the reference materiel which is provided has been preserved and entrusted to me in terms of the Platform and Mystery School; NOTE: FOR THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN INITIATED; THE UPGRADE FOR EVERYONE IS AVAILABLE AT $260 in this added addition to the Full Rights Initiation; and you are a lifetime member of the Black Earth Library once your Credentials are confirmed in terms of Administration; not only will you receive Full Access to this Interface; you will also be lined out with all of the Extremely Personal Focused Material to Templating when it comes to your Path-Work Initiation after the Initiation Lessons have been taken to the Full Rights Initiation; afterwards which you will be eligible for Follow up Sessions=$85 an Hour to have an open floor or to inquire deeper in terms of anything that will have been covered during your Initiation Session; let alone to inquire within the Library; otherwise you can get full access to the Black Earth Library by itself at rate in reference with all the Material that moves an Individual into the Higher Occult Sciences for study; application; self actualized progression; and teaching in how to actually Navigate everything else that is in the Black Earth Library correctly in terms of Protocol Teaching to the Disclaimer with the Mystery School..,


Once Purchased;

there are NO Refunds;

-Know Thyself; and you WILL know the Universe; the Godz and the Higher Force-