Black Earth Productions unveils a unique blend of ancient metaphysical.., transformational wisdom in proper knowledge that is attributed to the ancient arts of gnosis.., alchemy.., the occult sciences.., and what some would term as planetary high magick.., with all of this.., through process integration of your own soul code genetics you are then positioned to receive the original template of consciousness.., this is an even more ancient occult science that has not been available on this planet until recently.., and brings all of the concepts of the true sacred arts back into their true holistic practice before they were hijacked and thrown on the inverse.., having been twisted and limited thousands of years ago now..,

All that is cultivated within the gridworks of the reality fields in our Universe on a multidimensional level.., all has potential to manifest into the physical.., as above.., so below.., as with.., as without.., for as men and women think into their hearts.., so they will be. The war on consciousness in this reality field are very real and has been taking place for Aeons to keep you and humanity enslaved and ignorant of what gridworks they are linked up to via their gentics.., aside the true intelligence of the heart vortex which is the direct gate to the highest.., but to discover what you are truly connected to via your genetics.., and how to truly face and overcome these things within yourselves.., break the chains of slavery.., and manifest a reality that is holistic and in alignment with highest gridworks that exist beyond what is called the Astral Barrier.., this has been one of the major goals.., to bridge the worlds again. Know that you will face impediments upon entering the gates of the Black Earth.., but what we teach is designed to move you through.., and bring you back to your true self.., your own self mastery.., and your true potential which is in alignment with your core. We present proper knowledge.., and skill sets that you can apply directly to you every day practical life.., and through direct counseling.., and other services that are provided.., we are here to assist you in this process. As a transformational psychologist.., I have had a 100% success rate with many that have actually been willing to embrace this process..., this is what I live..,

know thy enemy.., and even more.., know thyself.., and you will know the universe.., what reality truly is.., and you will come to know the force and power in co-creation with your soul code genetics which is kreator-source.., all is within you...., hope to hear from you soon!!