Visita Intereora Tarra Retafacando Inviens Occlutum Lapideum..,


9-3-2017 : Post Solar Eclipse in Rahu

You spotted snakes with double tongue, thorny hedgehog, be not seen.  Newts and blind-worms do no wrong, come not near Our Fairy Queen!  Weaving spiders come not here. Hence, you long-legged spinners, hence!  Beetles black, approach not near. Worm nor snail, do not offense.  Hence away, now all is well. One aloof stand sentinel..,

Shakespeare:  Mid-Summers Night Dream


In this current renaissance, the "Awake" community is dangerously close to becoming another designer label, still dependent on a decaying system for it's validation. We need solution oriented Ambassadors that are truly connected to their core, displaying spiritual maturity to assemble in Tribal Councils. Not high school clicks that banter about information, while hanging on to old ideologies. They’ve replaced our temples with stadiums, our sacred places have been stripped. Creating sacred space, reverence for daily ritual and self actualization needs to be reinstated! We must be hyper aware of quantum entanglements, clearing them quickly and moving on to do the needed work to cleanse out the distortions that pollute the astral plain. We need to be creating our own sigils and symbols in spiritual co-creation- the very thing that has been used against us and become quantum navigators, wielding our energy responsibly with focused thought. Awareness of the land and ley lines and how we affect space energetically will be required when coming together with others, so that it is something enhanced with integrity and honor creating a whole new way of relating to one another. These are actually very ancient ways of existing and we must cultivate inner-standing and take back our eternal knowing of who we are as a cosmic racial identity before the fall... The False Gods and belief systems running in our core sprang up after this and are what trap us on dead timelines... continuously playing out an old beef that most are caught up in but had no hand in its beginnings. The LIVING TIMELINE can not be predicted... When you release all false belief systems and believe in yourself you begin to quantum leap, stepping into your AUTH-ENTIC AUTHOR-ity, writing the new script! THE NEW MYTHOS!

BLOG AA"Weaving spiders come not here".... Most are familiar with this verse pertaining to the infamous Bohemian Grove. This Skull and Bones reference leads us to believe that it only refers to leaving their worldly affairs aside.. and others insinuate that it was to ward off women, who were not welcome in their said affairs..... a typical oppressive statement. But when I feel into the energy behind the use of this verse I sense the parasitic consciousness controlling humanity- and the ruling Elite's full knowledge of it! Shakespeare, a Mason and possibly a conspiracy in itself, could be considered one of the original propagandist having a particular effect on audiences, weaving gematria into his various works.  Many of his famous plays speak of otherworldly beings controlling the affairs of humanity, just as we see in Hollywood creations of today. I was first awakened to the reality of this years ago when having some healing done by a local Shaman. We sat and chatted before hand and she shared with me a session she had with another client, an older woman she had been working on a Soul retrieval with... and had found "the door" to where she sensed the lost Soul shard to be.  During the final session with this women she opened this door... and inside was a shocking scene she did not expect nor could fully comprehend. She described the inside of a spaceship or some sort of Alien base with monitors and control panels. Two Beings, one with an elongated head... the other a smallish Grey in a floating chair... flew over in her face and demanded to know what she was doing there. She said in an instant, time stopped... the cat was puking... everything in the room was frozen in some vacuum. She asked me if I new what it could be... I shook my head. Fast forward to the present moment and what I know now, this Healer unknowingly uncovered layers of the hologram, the veil of perception we are kept from.  With a lot of this coming to light now... I see a lot of emphasis being put on an AI Insectoid invasion that will happen to us out there somewhere. Another "bad guy" scenario. Just as Reptilian and various Grey factions have their implants and methods of intrusion, the AI tech has been there and is so fully embedded in most as the program hooks into fears and feeds off of our emotional reactions. I cant stress enough that the astral plane is a distortion field, a literal dumping ground of our own emotions, fears and negative thought forms- amongst other things. This field is unique here and arose after all of the sorcery of the dark ages and is not natural to a planetary body. Our energy systems are keyed into this and run on these base frequencies. What needs to be understood is that we all have a percentage of insectoid genetics, again, as I have stressed with the Reptoid genetics, not a bad thing. These energetic bands of consciousness layers are genetics that need to be worked through and cleansed and upon doing this you do not allow them any hooks or in-roads into your system. Its called leveling up.... and is a constant state of cleansing, detoxing and self awareness and we must be fierce in our practice. Everyone is unique and there is no cookie cutter answer other than going into your own system and locating the implants, fragments and false memories that keep us on an endless time-loop. The Elite fully know what naws at the minds of man. We've given our power away for far to long and its time to wake up from the trance and take full control of our vessels, cleanse out the etheric pests and become the TRUE Stewards of this reality field! So back into my process I went.....

The distortion had manifested physically as a cyst on my ovary as I shared in the last blog.., among other anomalies in surrounding organs. As I delved deeper into the etheric implant on the lower sacral, I was getting into layers that it did not want me to know. When I asked to see the core wound, I got a giant Minotaur Being that the bio-tech implant was possibly connected to. After a few intense meditations of going into this and asking how to remove it, a code flashed in my minds eye. The best way I can describe this code was a crazy glowing holographic star similar to the seal of Saturn. The cyst was giving me a lot of trouble at this point, causing enough concern for me to break down and make a doctors appointment. Having no insurance in the states means going to the free clinic and I’ve already expounded on my dislike of western medicine, so needless to say this visit triggered me out big time. The mind fuck and hopelessness (not to mention the pain) was overwhelming and I was projecting horridly on my loved ones. It was obvious the implant did not want me in my core and was doing its best to throw me left and right. At that point.., I asked Sethikus to do energy work on me and he went into it ethericly and basically throttled it.  As he worked on me I relaxed, as the energy flow took the edge off the pain... in my minds eye I saw a glowing ball spread out like a mushroom cloud with what I believe was the cyst rupturing. The next morning I awoke in ALOT of pain but had to push through because we were picking his son up from the airport that afternoon for the summer. I walked around all day very out of it, delirious and feeling very off.., in the wee hours of the morning I awoke with a creeping feeling (the heebie jeebies as I called it) stood up and blacked out. My mom then took me to the ER. The CAT scan showed NO cyst.., it was gone.., but I had fluid on my abdomen- hence the creeping feeling, which I was told my body would reabsorb...... Pheeewww!!! Soon after that ordeal, I set in to finish the job with my personal energy work with the code I had received to make sure the etheric implant was fully transmuted. It appeared and the Alien bio-tech peeled back revealing its underbelly coated with my fear and trauma, dripping like swirling black goo. I pulled up the code and its belly lit up with energetic lines like something from TRON. Within the energetic lines was a "plug" and I projected the code into this spot, shutting the implant down like flipping a switch, turning off its motherboard so to speak............ it went dark and faded..,

Try telling that to a Doctor..........,

MERIDIANS BLOGThe bio-tech implants in our systems must be detected and dealt with before any true integration can begin. Always located on the left "receiving" side of the body, I’m still pulling etheric wires.. or tendrils? from my neck and face, seeing insectoid Beings as I do it. They obviously don’t like when I do this cleansing.., knowing they’ve been had. It makes me assert myself even more and become adamant about claiming my system, stating out loud that I am healed and sovereign!! But why? What am I preparing for? Why do I feel there is still something missing.........., Over the years bits and pieces of past life memories have filtered through my perception... various yearnings, talents and interests... being fascinated by other cultures, knowing I’ve been all of them. I have always been very different from my family, some kind of chameleon. When I first studied Feng Shu design, its concepts were like second nature to me.., the use of the elements, how energy flows through a space.., color, placement etc. obviously indicating past lives spent in Asia.  Our physical DNA lineage is imprinted from our parents at birth as a type of overlay in the chakras, encoded at the basic genetic level and usually the first layers to be experienced. We go through family stuff and soon we attract karmic relationships that leave us going wtf?  Going into some of my more vivid memories that have surfaced has basically shown me how pain and trauma has been heaped on and is connected to the implant I just removed. My ex husband, being one of those relationships, has a huge birth mark on the center of his back- a reddish circle that spreads out into spotted red markings all around it. He was also diagnosed as a child with scoliosis and the curvature of his spine wraps right around the center of that birth mark (bio-cellular recall?). I told him once that birth marks can represent mortal wounds from past lives and of course he thought that was ridiculous. After I got out of that toxic mess and began to work on my system, I had a past life pop up.... It was the 1920's.. I was a flapper club girl, perhaps in New Orleans. I was with a gangster type, running guns and liquor, and he was abusive to me. I became pregnant and he punched my stomach till I lost the baby.... he came after me again and I blew him away with a shot gun. Then the scene shifted to me walking down a gravel road with suite cases under my arms......... Almost parallels my marriage, guns... drugs... abuse... only this time I wasted too much time trying to heal with a sociopath while the implant was being feed. When we experience karmic ties often it is connected to a soul fragment running frequency in the core of the lower chakras that attract these relationships. And a lot of times, the fragment doesn’t even belong to your true system like some kind of booby trap.... just part of the game of "getting in" and taking on a vessel. These quantum entanglements usually generate emotional energy to be harvested until we wise up and release it. I have linked other timelines to the implant as well, all the way back to a very ancient past of invasion, black magic sex rituals and genetic harvesting. This is what happens when you get into your own unique template and start to release the emotional miasms trapped at the cellular level... even though it is subtle, you begin to level up, integrating more awareness of your Being.

BLOG BBAs the planets represent aspects of our full cosmic awareness, when Maldak was destroyed our consciousness was fractured and we have been trying to put the pieces back together ever since. The Blood code of the bio DNA is only one level of perception... getting into integration of higher forms of consciousness takes more complex systems and very few are actually accessing their true core.... Many disenfranchised factions take advantage of the unique situation here and try to ride in on an incarnating soul posing as a "Higher Self" and use the physical vessels ability to generate energy to reconstruct their shattered light bodies or trade genetics.... This is just an example of the fuckery that goes on and if we were consciously aware of what they were doing we would not allow it... as the energy system is key to cleaning up our mess. As we reach 0 point of the resetting, the timelines that have played out are collapsing as various factions attempt to alter them to ensure specific outcomes while amnesiac humans stumble around fueling this. There are Soul groups incarnated at this time that may be from famous ancient pasts, their consciousness running in these loops in endless warring and domination scenarios and Hollywood plays upon this endlessly, seeding this Hero complex into our hearts and minds. According to Tanaath of The Silver Legion, this is running like frequency bands that can be remote viewed by groups and manipulated for nefarious agendas. Energy becomes a frequency when it is "frequented"... and can be tuned into like a radio station. The more emotion we attach to these ancient myths the stronger the frequency band will be, activating them… These groups use dead timelines to war, manipulate history and steal ancient tech and artifacts pertinent to their agendas. When we break these energetic attachments and become neutral with it we become the cause point for the true living timeline. They can not view what they can not expect and humans have been unwittingly supplying the controllers with their preferred outcomes through mental patterning, victimization, societal norms and the false seeding of histories that possibly never happened. As these old timelines keep us layered over, further away from our true core, distracted by the mundane aspects of ego identity with good vs. bad, we fall short of the true work. If we can not see our own transgressions in the creation of this distortion and continue to negate that to some bad guy, there is no true healing. The old familiar teachings that were assimilated into the program to facilitate progression at various times throughout history are not going to work in the future. Each historical time period bares teachings that were pertinent to that time, seeded by various factions for their purposes, good or bad. Although there are grains of truth running through all gnosis.. they hold the outdated decaying energies of that time frame and hanging onto these old systems does not allow for us to truly explore our potentials in conscious evolution and leaves room for manipulation..... The more conscious awareness we can integrate, while letting go of outdated belief systems will enact a living timeline that the controllers can not touch.

Did you know that the sound of birds chirping causes the trees and flowers to awaken in spring? Their chirping is more urgent upon return from warmer climates and then tappers off as summer approaches. We all enjoy the changing of the seasons but its another example of the distortion we deal with, written into myth to explain the mess that these beings created here when Earths Morphogenetic field blew out, resulting in pole reversal. Vegetation returns despite the un natural death cycles of the seasons ushered in by Sound frequency.. neutralizing the distortions in a quantum fields. Its said that each Soul has a unique tone.... imagine if that tone was broadcast, the symphony we would create! I have some far off feeling, barely a memory, like something out of Avatar... of Organic Beings connected to Khundaray infused gridworks for the purpose of unfolding life and consciousness. I can see them, beautiful creatures in primordial forests, on rocks and sacred sites, lifting their heads and toning sacred notes... each one unique but creating a harmonic field that kept the grid stable and pure.... This is the gridwork I connect to... this is the forgotten timeline I attempt to strengthen. I don’t need to leave this planet and I certainly don’t want to be trapped in some inorganic crystal reality... I’m already home. Its here buried and layered over.. waiting to be reactivated by those that remember what their systems are truly for.... a biological micro-chip meant to reboot the system, streaming pure consciousness into the core of the planet. Just as the dark factions have manipulated the grid and used their sigils, creating networks for harvesting... we need to counter act this at every turn by using our knowledge of the higher sciences just as they have. I AM THE LIVING CELL IN THE MACHINE, spreading the symbiotic Lichen into their motherboard. It’s a slow burn… but my kind will emerge, resurrecting the sacred healing communities built on gridpoints connecting to that original consciousness, with our transformed energy systems, our own symbols, our own councils! Not being drawn into energetic entanglements with these factions... not having to hide anymore, but lifting our heads and toning together... creating harmonic fields that simply wont resonate with these distortions. Those that have tarnished the Gates and created abominations of natural law will meet up with their own transgressions soon enough. Ill be deep in my Soma.... dreaming the new myth..,









Natalie Jean

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And the Rulers came to Norea and said "You will submit like your Mother Eve did"... Norea turned and cried out to the Ethers "Who are these oppressors ----!?" - The Hypostasis of the Archons, Nag Hummadi.., 


2-26-2017  ~New Moon Solar Eclipse~


In the Nag Hammadi, it is eluded that a race had been created with a SOUL but no SPIRIT within... Thought to be of a higher constitution, Norea was here improving mankind, perhaps teaching the sciences of transmutation and reintegration.... until the Rulers sent a flood to stop man’s progression.., When denied access, Norea blew up the Ark..... What was Noah and his gang up to that brought forth such wrath from such a pure creature..... ??



Could it have been that knowing Good and Evil was simply knowing the laws of metaphysics... the figurative Tree of Life being the literal atomic structure of matter. Kept separate from each other, we all know by now that science and religion have only served to confuse and lead us away from our true nature, all while being told "just be a good person".... but why? The very idea of being told what to do and that you are sinful makes the ego want to rebel- just what the controllers want. Being good, and thinking good is all well and good, but to know why this is crucial to the energetic template that we hold has been lost in dogma. When quantum mechanics is understood and how positive and negative energy imprints the core of your system, you suddenly don’t want to do stupid human shit and become very mindful of any harmful behaviors. These allegories that give us imagery of the Righteous entering Pearly Gates are reference to Portals or Bridges that have been sealed off within us due to our regressed state... only those that transform their energetic template would be able to access the codes necessary to transcend. Humanity has been lead to believe that we are dealing with some battle outside ourselves, when in fact it is just your own inner struggle to heal distorted frequencies that are amplified here. I was told once that the word SIN simply means "to miss your mark". So all you have to do is change your trajectory and try again. It’s all a state of mind. Soul progression is not about the ego acting Divine, it’s about maturing your own unique energetic signature and stepping it up, .... all while discerning the pit-falls of the reality field we are a part of.

CATIPILLAR 3Why do we need these bodies to progress the Soul anyway? Why is this vessel the conduit for such evolution- these bodies that we abuse and dismiss as our amnesiac Souls try to remember the point.... lost in translation like the Nag Hammadi. There is a core wound in most and a mind, body, spirit connection that must be activated for transmutation to occur. For me, my own health issue set the stage for unlocking this mystery and has been my greatest struggle. It directed me within my own library on a great quantum journey..... Imprinted fragments, codes waiting to be cracked.... our own language whispers. Working at the quantum level with the energy system and knowing that the physical vessel is a result of these energies becomes paramount. Alchemy doesn’t have to be mysterious and its not just about accessing multi-dimensional abilities. In Bio-energetic healing, you are working with the biology via the mind to command the vessel to HEAL- not only on a physical level but ultimately working through the layers of distortion, transforming your energetic template. Mental, emotional and physical detox is the art of Alchemy simply put. Much must be transmuted before true integration can begin and in this process, I have developed skills and a routine to ensure this happens. This is how you command the reality field and heal the distortion within the core- by training the mind with focused repetition in energy work. You cannot level up while holding on to inverted coding.... and I’m not holding my breath for some cosmic wave or 100th monkey to do the work for me. With the weakening magnetosphere and the deterioration of 4D, the energies are going to intensify whatever we hold within us.... good or bad. We come into this lower 3D realm to work with energies and learn to master them. If we are to evolve as a race, a conscious relationship with your body needs to be cultivated........ it is the instrument in which the Soul is tuned.

Anyone who has dealt with illness knows how corrupt the medical community is and is not meant to heal you. Docs are only trained to observe the physical and with this limited perception will never be a cause point for true healing. Dis-ease starts in the energetic template and eventually manifests as physical ailments and a toxic system is a breeding ground for poor health. Being poisoned on every level doesn't help us either. But we are never taught that the mind is capable of regeneration, as thought is directly linked to the core of the chakra. It wasn’t until I started to embrace meditation that I would learn how to tap into these abilities. I was still so layered over though that I wouldn’t link the connection between the power of the mind, my spirituality and the energy system itself until more recently, while finally taking control of my own healing and the thought process behind it. The movie Doctor Strange was curious in that it only touched on the power of the mind to heal... again creating some shroud of mystery that only certain individuals have access to it. Habitual thinking is like a program running in your subconscious. The thought that you are sick or broken will make sure of it. If you want to run a new program.... that old cache has to be dumped and with it new habits formed. Emotional scars embed in our template like shiny medals but can be removed when we decide not to honor them any longer.

The physical scar up and down my belly is a bit more tangible though, a constant reminder of the second chance I was given to heal. Sometimes illness gets to a point that medical intervention is required and obviously needed on some levels. But I would like to think that we don’t have to cut out the bad parts to achieve optimal health. At age 20 I began writhing from a single bite of food and waking up every morning with extreme joint pain, while caring for a new born and was diagnosed with Crohns in 1997. Being herded through Docs and Specialists and put on meds to "control" it, I had to become my own advocate... and through years of research have come to understand that this mysterious illness that mimics other auto-immune diseases, such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme etc., has a hidden component to it- [PARASITES]! Between chemical crap food and viruses such as Epstein Barr (similar to the Lyme bug) which burrow into organs causing the immune system to go into hyper drive, your body is in constant siege. As the system attempts to expel the intruders it is bogged down with their waste material, hence the arthritic like symptoms of the joints, brain fog, exhaustion etc...... It was a great mystery back in the 90's but docs are starting to catch on as you can see in the links below..,

Gut parasites are also a huge issue when it comes to reclaiming our systems and we feed and house these guys with an acidic, sugar filled diet. Now pull back and view this micro world on an energetic level... how is this affecting the system? What would these creatures look like energetically? Who's voice is that demanding ice cream!? This lies in the frequency that they hold and is most likely hooked into our negative thought forms and uncontrolled emotions.... Dr. Cassar, founder of Earther Academy, touches on this concept noting that it is not something to be killed or destroyed, but evolved out of. Renee Swain, aka Arcturus Ra, also gets into these concepts (see links). When explaining his grammatron key, he pointed out that beneficial insects are not affected by the high frequency that the key emits but parasitic insects would flee from it and that it has to do with the type of consciousness that is behind their creation. So here we see it is necessary to start viewing our micro world on an energetic level. The insectoid consciousness is another layer that needs to be worked through and cleansed within all of us, whether etheric, genetic or environmental. As you become clear and less controlled by these lower frequencies, your DNA awakens. This is how we clean up the planet... by dealing with our own internal waste first.

As if this toxic world isn’t enough to bog down our systems, there are etheric bugs as well. Etheric implants are a bit trickier and I’ve dealt with them in various forms over the years along with "dream tech". The Zeta are masters of the holographic insert that can induce evil dreams which I can only guess is some feeble attempt to feed on fear or imprint the psyche with disturbing images. These dreams are different and I call it being "scanned" because of the etheric tech over my mind’s eye in that place between wake and dream. Sometimes it’s a shadowy spider or beetle scurrying away with the image repeating then slowly fading. Other times, a sort of cloud or mist with an energy signature, usually red, dark blue or black with a glowing core. These tricks are tame compared to the bad boys attached to the chakra system. They usually have something to do with your mission here or are to disrupt your awakening and keep you in a low frequency until you locate and confront it. I have been dealing with a cyst on my ovary since before my toxic marriage ended... which I believe is the physical manifestation of the implant, activated through my negative relationship with my Ex. As I delved into my system, they began to appear to me. I know in my work when I get a true impression because it will flash quickly from my subconscious. This bio-tech, as I refer to it, looks archaic like that face sucking spider/crab thingy from the movie Alien. It wraps around and has a long tail that goes straight up my left side (I have physical tension there as well) and is a type of insectoid technology with consciousness but no feeling. You can’t kill these guys and I have found that they will latch on tighter and even replicate if you try to blast them. I have gone into it, linked back to past life fragments, maybe even the beginning when the enslavers took the females for themselves, hence my affinity for Norea. Many who astral project find themselves in a confusing soup of their own subconscious but when the chakras are cleansed and transformed it becomes the mode in which to time tunnel into these various points in our cellular memory... instead of the distortions of the astral plane..,


When asking within myself how to deal with it I got that the implant needs to be starved out, which means absolute control of the lower energies. At first I tried to visualize the cyst as something pure... like a flower, but in this I was neglecting the other ovary. The organs of the body are the physical representation of the chakras and different nodal points and need to be acknowledged and worked with in a balanced way. You do not want to dwell on the problem but visualize the system as healed and whole.  So, as I cleansed the lower, circulating the energies between my ovaries and toning the root, the Hara began to change. All 3 points of the lower triangle (ovaries and root) swirl together now into one center. I no longer focus on the creepy bio-tech/cyst on the left ovary but balance the energies within this center as a whole, pulling energy inward, while grounding to the original grid work of this planet. When I did Randi Green's detaching technique, I felt the old archaic lower chakras lift off of me like some heavy yoke and with it the implant, sifting out my true organic system. The cyst has been burning like a hot coal as I undo years of negative imprinting and still have a ways to go in strengthening this... but I refuse to give up on my progression.....

When we step away from the distractions of modern society and simplify our lives.... we begin to see how it is used to control us on many levels. Detaching from their program and becoming a neutral observer is first step in healing at the cellular level. You begin to come into your own authority and choose the role you want to play. I just happen to be a Quantum Ninja today.... Cosmic Botanist tomorrow... but always evolving to the next level, healing my micro environment by the level of consciousness I imbue into it. You don’t have to have a PHD to understand basic concepts of physiology but it takes diligence in developing a routine and habits centered around a higher state of consciousness. As any Ti Chi or Yoga practitioner knows... "This is my practice"... you are in a constant state of perfecting and is unique to YOU. Every spare moment becomes an opportunity to train the mind and body and be self-aware and therefore have self-control. For example.... at the gym, I could pop in head phones and mindlessly listen to music on the treadmill. Instead I take 45 minutes with myself and use it to focus intent and cultivate a relationship with my organs. I place my hands on my liver and spleen and circulate the chi between them, asking them to cleanse and purify my body of toxins during my work out. I place my hands over my kidneys and circulate the chi here... asking them to remove the toxins effectively, creating an optimal system- Yes, I talk to my organs with my mind powers!!... And I don’t care who wonders what I’m doing. My organs are constantly responding to this stimulus with aches and sharp pains as they start to awaken and I have new found confidence in my healing and detox. This fine energetic tuning that I’m doing along with an alkaline system is essential for running higher frequency. I still have moments of weakness when I eat something I shouldn’t but my highly sensitive machine lets me know and I change my trajectory. The parasites crave the dairy, sugar, meat, etc... So you know you are becoming clear when the thought has left you and you no longer desire these lower frequencies... it becomes easier and you look back thinking, "How did I ever live any other way!?"

NATALIE BELLY SCARAs I progress in this, I also feel the negative pull of my environment. My family doesn't understand these concepts nor do they know exactly what it is I’m doing. But it screams inside of me... keep going! I am changing as the world around me slumbers, running the same program and the reality of it all is harsh as many of us feel alone. But no matter how discouraging my environment though.. I will never condemn others for their ignorance from what has been hidden. I will still help... but have learned to conserve my energy. I recently watched a vid (link below) with Grant Morrison on his ET encounter in which he was told that humanity is viewed as a type of LARVA going through various mutations in a slowed growth rate- another way to view our reality I guess... Although he was describing dark magic and was drunk during the lecture...., he is not wrong about the concepts he presented when it comes to actualizing the mind. Everything is energy and only the caterpillar knows why it is compelled to recreate itself, reduced to a goo called IMAGINAL CELLS...  I suppose we too must reduce ourselves into cosmic soup, cleansing out our form before we can spark the next level. Eons of Soul trauma imprinted on the system needs to be reconciled and released at the cellular level... only then can we imagine a biological form capable of overcoming the distortion and evolving into something... else... finally attaining the original goal here.

THIS micro/macrocosm... the Soul-ar system versus the atom with its nucleus... as the universal structure is to the ephemerous lining of a cell that holds the light coding, translating consciousness through a delicate dance of chemicals and hormones, transferred through a holographic template into the physical plane, animating the form--- We are the true organic technology and THIS intricate chemical symbiosis will forever fascinate me... and is the secret world of Gnosis that we must command.

Epstein Barr and the link to auto immune diseases-




Dr. Cassar, Earther Academy [ -at: 17 min- ]



Arcturus Ra on parasites-



Caterpillar Fun facts-



Grant Morrison's lecture


Detaching From the Program via: Randi Green


The Nag Hammadi Library




Natalie Jean

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Race Identity vs. Soul Evolution


The force behind the Ego's wanting creates "enemies," that is to say, reaction in the form of an opposing force equal in intensity. The stronger the ego, the stronger the sense of separateness between people. The only actions that do not cause opposing reactions are those that are aimed at the good of all. They are inclusive, not exclusive. They join; they don’t separate. They are not for "my" country but for all of humanity, not for "my" religion but the emergence of consciousness in all human beings, not for "my" species but for all sentient beings and all of nature             


We also learn that action, although necessary, is only secondary factor in manifesting our external reality. The primary factor in creation is consciousness. No matter how active we are, how much effort we make, our state of consciousness creates our world and if there is no change on the inner level, no amount of action will make any difference. We would only re-create modified versions of the same world again and again, a world that is an external reflection of EGO.

~Ekhart Tolle~

In Alchemy the ego is often referred to as the unruly dragon, burning down villages and devouring everything in sight.  But when subdued, the Key appears. I strongly encourage you now to observe your thoughts, your beliefs and ask if it is truly serving you in a positive light.  We are now coming into a critical time in our spiritual development... a time where knowing the mechanics of the game board and mastering the Dragon is crucial! Are the worn out systems worth clinging to... is your need to identify with this or that group progressing you, or holding you back? When we let go of the egoic need to identify.... we leave room for Spirit to communicate. The loud ego that begs to be seen and heard has a hard time looking within. But every dragon must retreat to its cave eventually and at the end of the day you only have yourself... and the key to unlocking your highest potential lies within the core of your energetic system.  If you wish to change the outer world and perceived systems of control, you must change your operating system and begin to clean up your own inner mess. Higher consciousness can not integrate into a mentally, physically and energetically toxic system. It does however direct the ego to detox and disengage from a sick society designed to degrade and oppress this very important task..... why I call it "The Work".

This article is based on years of observation and research into the field of Energetic Synthesis, Universal Templar mechanics and the agendas unfolding here. In study as a first year student of Randi Green, I began to see the bigger picture behind the Kristic Sirian B agenda of Keylontic Science which is where I was introduced to Kathara grid years ago http://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/12_Tree_Grid  exposing the false tree of life that all occultists are familiar with. Quantum mechanics consist of individuated units of mathematical equations called light coding and are expressed through an energetic template working through the grid-works of every Planetary, Solar and Galactic body, including this form we take on. This is how a Universe "breathes" energetically and connects all life (macro/micro). The physical vessel is used for the circulation and out put of energy that Soul uses to progress and evolve genetics on a multi-dimensional level. Our bodies are a beautiful symbiosis of intelligent design meant to utilize the Earths grid works to evolve whole genetic race lines.., for we are the true technology that will ultimately catch up the Soul Cycles. Khundarays are what emanate from the Central Sun and contain the original Soul Codes that fuel our genetic evolution here. It is not a "BEING" and it doesn’t need to be worshiped. It is however raw consciousness containing possibilities and probabilities to be worked with and integrated. For the ones that are waking up, this knowledge has been lost to the "notion" that we have to fight a bad guy or give our power away to failing systems in order to return to some God Source.

The basic concept of the Chakra system is misleading, there is much more to it.  24+ strand DNA is designer genetics and is linked to the agendas of the New Stellar races that seek to further their gene codes and timelines. They are in need of the original Soul Codes that fuel the genetic unfolding of any given race. The Dark Ones are completely infected and can not reverse the light coding and look on the situation here as a big fat energetic meal. The Stellar races have developed new types of genetics to seal out the infection and with this altered their genetic composition. This was done with best intentions but the original Soul Codes necessary for genetic evolution are being bred out. They need infusions of the ancient type that can still access the grid-works connected to the Khundarays.., They are master geneticists proud of their specialized genetics and promote them as Divine, Royal or advanced as part of the false Ascension taking place. Those keyed into this are not being given a choice in their own evolution. They will be sealed into the Crystaline realms, safe from the infected genetics for all Eternity... or until they burn out. This is the idea behind "Immortality".., Everyone is becoming more aware of the false light, soul recycling and it doesn’t matter where you ascend to, you will encounter another set of problems else where. Tanaath of the Silver Legion, who I’ve always respected for her frankness, has expounded many times on how certain Soul identities are being used to promote "Hero Worship" to further agendas   http://www.silverlegion.org/Updates-and-Changelog.html?entry=freeing-yourself-from-the-god

and the severe polarization game that is taking place here


Certain Beings have spent life times establishing Hierarchies, battling for dominion over the grid and Star-gates. All allegories speak of this and have become part of typical belief systems. According to the Voyagers material, Thoth the Atlantian was an Annu Melchezadk that defected and stole creation mechanics, claimed them as his own and distorted the teachings. The kabalistic tree of life is inorganic showing the blown out grid and missing planet Maldek which is the Daath principle. This distortion is also within our own personal systems on the micro level and must be healed and brought back into alignment before Star-gate travel is possible. Those with Crystaline designer genetics can only ascend so far... but not beyond. The Ouroboros is the symbol used to show this endless devouring cycle and life trapped within. Pi or 3.1415 etc is the mathematical equation that shows us the distortion as it has to use the last number to create the next- an inorganic abomination that is not self sustaining. It is a finite system that came about after many battles and cataclysms caused by the carelessness of selfish Beings. The changing of seasons is not natural and unstable weather patterns are evidence of the cataclysm that blew out the grid and caused the Earth to tilt on its axis. The Brotherhoods have been fighting over dominion of this reality field for eons and established their teaching systems to guide there own, while creating false Gods and Ideologies that established their finite creation as a good thing. This is all held within the barrier and we are not being taught how to heal our core and move beyond it. Be aware that putting energy into such Archetypes, Gods etc. keeps you bound to the lower realms of this reality field. The controllers of the barrier do not care which system you believe in. As long as you put energy into these things, it feeds their frequency prison. There are many agendas taking place and we have to get away from the idea that there is a bunch of good guys that are going to put the bad guys in their place..... this thinking only perpetuates the very system you all abhor. There are groups that consider themselves "Angelic" when all it is a bunch of New Stellar Kids with an old beef... duking it out here on their playground.

This is so far from the original missions here..... and all fear based. According to Randi Green's "Souls of Humanity," we are all here to evolve the 4 types of genetics; Insectoid, Avian, Reptoid and Mammal respectively (its not a competition?).., We all have them to varying degrees... it is the infection that makes the genetics regress and the Reptoid genetics have been given a bad rap in this case when it comes to the Reptilian consciousness. Some lines regressed back into a more primitive, aggressive form and were ostracized for it and began to revolt against the oppression... hence the mess we see today.  Humans identifying to race and hierarchy are easily manipulated to fear what they don’t understand. Everyone wants to belong, to be special. This is deeply rooted in the core wound in the collective consciousness of the planet... a feeling of separation, then add on years of degradation by spiteful Reptilians and BOOM! Ancient Reptoid genetics are actually highly scientific and BENEVOLENT. The late Max Speirs was only beginning to touch on this concept. In his last interview with Christine Hart, he asked "why do you want to destroy it... why not try to understand the consciousness instead ?" Compassion is a loose term these days and the need to blame a bad guy over shadows any progress toward healing. Popular Truthers like David Icke have done an excellent job of exposing the system for what it is, which has heightened humanity’s awareness of these Beings- and also their hate (fear). Now I do not negate the atrocities that have been committed here, nor do I passively condone the behavior of these highly regressed Races and their cold brutality.... I simply have a greater understanding for WHY it has come to be this way and the mechanics behind the programming of humanity. If you continue to feed into this highly polarized mentality, you lose your own battle within yourself.  We see this in our present reality with racism at an all time high... and Stellar realities, it seems, are not exempt. The name of the game here is genetics and the Stellar races have their preferred timelines to ensure their survival. The Sirian Bs plans for an ethnic cleansing are echoed in Hollywood movies such as "Golden Compass" (I find it curious that Nicole Kidman’s character was allowed to retain her original template with the ancient type of genetics) and "The Giver" for example... and many other "super hero scenarios" that perpetuate duality. Their blind ambition for purifying the races from Reptilian genetics negates our individual ability to make choices in our own conscious evolution and the ones not keyed into this will be left to their own demise.., if this sounds like some crazy Sci-Fi... welcome to reality. The New Stellar Kids consider the Ancient type of systems to be obsolete and have no interest in awakening them but are more than happy to harvest the ancient type of genetics when a Soul incarnate fails to do so themselves. They keep the odds in their favor and as far as I’m concerned, none of these groups have humanity’s best interests at heart.

Stellar factions know how to seed thought forms into humanity, using human emotion and belief systems to harness energy. They knew this time was coming (Stellar Activation Cycle) and began long ago to guide humanity,  generating energy for their preferred timelines. I have always considered the book of Revelation to be the playbook for these Stellar groups to implant a scenario into the collective consciousness of humanity. Just think of all the fear and awe that has been poured into that book for ages, the notion of 144,000 special Souls that are going to be seated with God (um which God?).., This is a huge amount of quanta which only serves a certain timeline using the hero complex that has been set up from 5D as a means of controlling the hearts and minds of humanity for eons. Thought and emotion carry an electric charge that literally programs your system. They only need to put the notion out there and we do the rest. It is therefore necessary to detach from all the glamour and begin to take a serious look at your own system and how it relates to the collective consciousness and what you are giving energy to. There is so much going on when it comes to energetic systems and who is here as to say who is special or not or why? Through eons of warring, hijacked systems have been rounded up and leached out in the reintegration cycles to run many other clones then dumped off after they burn out. Each persons situation is unique and complex at the same time when it comes to the understanding of what actually OWNS your system. Step down consciousness, as I studied with Blavatzkys teachings, is the perfected model of how Monad/Soul groups would interact from higher to lower frequencies, gathering and integrating lost fragments. But that is far from what is happening here.... Unfortunately we still deal with the bitter rivalry of the Brotherhoods using humanity as pawns, gaining control through genetic harvesting, super human programs etc.... and the timelines are key.  Its like a bunch of children that are too caught up in their game to admit they made a mistake and ask to heal it. This is why I do not use words such as Divine or Royal Angelic denoting hierarchy and have come to a neutral point with this. We were all Brothers and Sisters before the fragmentation occurred and this arrogance needs to be reconciled..,

Now, my connection to this knowledge is a bit complicated. I’m still trying to figure out within myself why I comprehend so much and what I’m supposed to do with it. I brought a Soul into this world, a Time Traveler, that comes from a very bleak future. He has memory recall of being on a ship, alone...... where most everything has been wiped out and there are very few of his kind left. He is a very wise and compassionate Soul and I’m honored to be his Mother. The possibility of this bleak future time line begins here with the Sirian B agenda to cleanse the races of Reptoid genetics which causes a galactic war of epic proportions. My intention is not to spread fear but to make you aware of it and to change this if we can. This is what fear and egoic superiority will breed if we do not catch this NOW. I still hold hope that humanity will start to grasp the type of frequency prison they are held within and gain control of their own systems....  or at least the ones that are meant to steer this ship in another direction through knowledge and application of the higher sciences and start to heal the regression by organic means, instead of conjuring monsters...

DISENGAGE......................, Let them evaporate with the decaying reality fields..,


Natalie Jean

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